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“The group brought fantastic skills, knowledge, [and the] desire to interact on effective projects.”- GSAS Scholar

After each GSAS Session, the Global Research Team with the most promising Global Research Project is awarded a Team Research Fellowship to implement their project at a GSAS host institution.

Members of the winning team are hired by a GSAS host institution for a year or more, depending on the requirements of their projects. Fellowships are team-based.

The winning team from the Taiwan Solar Cell Session (below) has members from Japan, South Africa,Taiwan, the Philippines and the United States. Their Winning Research Project – “A More Efficient Architecture for the Sensitization of TiO2 for dye-sensitized Solar Cells” - was selected for implementation at the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) Taiwan. 

Winning Team from the Taiwan Session

Scholars from the Sydney Solar Cell Session (shown below with their mentors)  implemented their research at Northwestern University. This team includes members from Australia, Taiwan, and the United States.

Team from the Sydney Session


The winning project(s) from the 2011 Session on Graphene Fundamentals and Applications will be hosted by CEA laboratories on the GIANT Innovation Campus in Grenoble, France.   Learn more.


Grenoble, France



Read More about GIANT


How will your GSAS experience benefit your future research?:
It is the fact that, in my hometown Thailand, the research related to organic solar cells just starts from scratch. Regardless of lacking some characterization facilities, our knowledge in this field still behinds the first and second world countries, as clearly seen from a number of publications recently. It is my resolution to give a talk to the new scientists in Thailand including setup a OPV research group. This is not only beneficial to Thailand but it can also help our neighbor countries i.e. Vietnam, Lao, Malaysia etc. to boost their research.

How has GSAS helped you develop a global perspective?:
My experience as part of GSAS has shown me that global collaboration is a great way to pool ideas, resources, and expertise to solve difficult scientific problems.

Feedback from Fellows