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Who are we?

GSAS involves the best minds and institutions from around the world including senior graduate students and postdocs in various science and engineering fields(GSAS Scholars) and leading experts in research, policy, technology transfer and manufacturing (GSAS Fellows).

Our Dual Mission

Address Global  Challenges

Build Global Leadership

Global Challenges such as Energy, Environment, Health, and Security are of vital concern to stakeholders worldwide.

Addressing these urgent global challenges will require:

  • Creative thinking
  • Effective use of global resources
  • Increased cooperation across regions, sectors, and academic disciplines
  • A cadre of well-trained global leaders 

GSAS sparks rapid innovation in these critical areas by assembling interdisciplinary teams of young researchers from around the world and challenging them to develop collaborative projects based on creative approaches.

Project development is guided by leading experts from around the world.

The most promising research plans are implemented via Team Research Fellowships at GSAS host institutions worldwide.


Young scientists and engineers will need global leadership capabilities to solve the world's most pressing problems. For example, they must:

  • Collaborate easily across sectors and disciplines
  • Build global teams with complementary strengths
  • Understand the broader implications of their research
  • Communicate their research to diverse stakeholders
They must also develop:
  • Advanced science and engineering competency
  • Understanding of policy, manufacturing, and technology management
  • Strong international working relationships
  • Knowledge of international R&D infrastructures
  • Interdisciplinary and intercultural communication skills
GSAS develops these capabilities through its unique dual curriculum.


How has GSAS helped you develop a global perspective?:
"I got a very broad perspective from some of the lectures. It’s easy to learn the science, I think, but harder to have a broad picture before you get started. That’s what the lecture series gave me."

Feedback from Fellows

What I appreciated most:
" This global school is an excellent program to encourage students and grow leaders. Previously my institute focused only on growing engineers. But nowadays, student ability is increasing, and we want to grow researchers and leaders. GSAS is a very attractive program."