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Session on Organic Solar Cells, Taiwan Print E-mail

September 18-21, 2012


Hosted by the National Taiwan University in Taipei, this Session will create international teams of young researchers and challenge them to design team projects that leverage their complementary strengths. Each team will include a balanced range of capabilities including materials synthesis, characterization, device design and fabrication, theory and measurement, etc.  The teams will receive project mentoring from leading international OPV experts.

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Session Topics

  • Molecule/polymer
  • Spectroscopy/characterization
  • Modeling/simulation
  • Device fabrication
  • Large area OPVs
  • others


Confirmed to date:

  • Luping Yu, University of Chicago (US): Molecule/polymer
  • Chin-Ti Chen, Academia Sinica (Taiwan): Molecule/polymer
  • Hongzheng Chen, Zhejiang University (China): Polymer Science and Engineering
  • Yulia Galagan, Holst Centre /TNO (Netherlands): Large area OPVs
  • Ching Fuh Lin, National Taiwan University (Taiwan): Device fabrication
  • Paul Dastoor, University of Newcastle (Australia): Polymer, device Fabrication
  • Kilwon Cho, POSTECH (Korea): Polymer, organic electronics
  • Evan Williams, IMRE (Singapore): Organic electronics, opto-electronics


Organizing Institutions

Session Contact

For more information, please contact Jennifer Shanahan: mri(at)northwestern.edu