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Mariam Ali S. A. Al-Maadeed Profile Page
Mariam Ali S. A. Al-Maadeed

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Session Organizer
2013 Catalysis, Qatar
Qatar University
Qatar University

Publications & Honors

Mariam Al-Ali, N.K Madi,Nora J. Al Thani,M. El-Muraikhi,A. Turos,
Mechanical and thermal properties of gamma-ray irradiated polyethylene blends,
Vacuum 70, 227, 2003.

A.M. Abdul-Kader, A. Turos, J. Jagielski, L. Nowicki, R. Ratajczak, A.
Stonert, M.A. Al.-Ma’adeed, Hydrogen release in UHMWPE upon He-ion
bombardment, Vacuum 78, no2-4, pp. 281-284, 2005.

A.M. Abdul-Kader, A. Turos, D. Grambole, J. Jagielski, A. Piątkowska,
N.K. Madi and M. Al-Maadeed, Compositional Transformations in ion implanted
polymers, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B,
Volume 240, Issue 1-2, p. 152-156, 2005.

M. A. Al-Maadeed, Change in Structure of Ultrahigh Molecular Weight
Polyethylene Due to Irradiation in Air and in Nitrogen, International Journal of
Polymer Analysis and Characterization 11, 1, 2006.

M.A. Al-Ma’adeed , I.Y. Al-Qaradawi ,N. Madi , N.J. Al-Thani, The effect
of gamma irradiation and shelf aging in air on the oxidation of ultra-high molecular
weight polyethylene, Applied Surface Science 252, 3316, 2006.

Society of Plastics Engineers

American Chemical Society


I am an experienced university professor who is known for dynamic presentations and interpersonal skills. I have developed a vital network between academia represented by Qatar University and some of the Education City universities within the industry, ministries and international organizations. I have given many consultations and presentations to a diverse group of organizations such as: Qatar Petrochemical Company (QAPCO), Supreme Council for the Environment and Natural Reserves, Arab Network for Women in Science & Technology, different high schools and colleges, as well as international science fairs and laboratories developments. I have also coordinated many committees in Qatar University, such as the Research Council, Continuous Education Committee, quality and management committee, the second and third Qatar Symposium on Science Teaching and Learning, and I am a member of a team which successfully set the compliances of research at Qatar University.