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Nimir Elbashir Profile Page
Nimir Elbashir

Contact Info

Session Organizer
GSAS Fellow
2013 Catalysis, Qatar
Texas A&M University at Qatar
Chemical Engineering
Texas A&M University at Qatar

Publications & Honors

1. Mogalicherla A., Elbashir N. O.; Elmalik E. (2012) “Enhancement in the Intraparticle Diffusion in the Supercritical Phase Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis” Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process Intensification. 62, 59-68.

2. Abasaeed A. E.; Al-Zahrani S. M.; Elbashir N. O.; Abulwahid M. "Tungsten systems for the oxidative dehydrogenation of hydrocarbons US 7,256,319 (2007).

3. Al-Zahrani S. M.; Abasaeed A. E.; Elbashir N. O.; Abulwahid M. "Catalysts Systems for Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Hydrocarbons" US 6,541,418 (2003).

4. Mogalicherla A., Elbashir N. O. (2011) “Development of a Kinetic Model for Supercritical Fluids Fischer Tropsch Synthesis” Energy & Fuels; 25(3); 878-889.

5. Elbashir N. O., Bukur D. B., Durham E., Roberts C. B. (2010) "Advancement in Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis via Utilization of Supercritical Fluids as Reaction Media" AIChE Journal; 56 (4) 997-1015.



Dr. Elbashir is an Associate Professor at Texas A&M University at Qatar and the manager of its Fuel Characterization Lab. He has over sixteen years of research and teaching experience, and his research activities are mainly focused on design of advanced reactors and processes for XTL technology (coal-to-liquid, gas-to-liquid and biomass-to liquid), and development of catalysts for the petrochemical and environmental industry. He holds several US and European patents and tremendous publications in form of peer reviewed journal articles and conference proceedings as well as conference and industry technical reports publications. He completed research studies on the design of reactor technology and applied catalysis for several world-leading companies (BASF Corp., SABIC R&T). He is currently leading a research team whose funds exceed 5 million US dollars in collaboration with academia (eight prestigious universities) and with scientists from world-leading industries (Shell, Rolls Royce, and Qatar Airways). The quality of his research activities has been recognized by awards from Qatar Foundation, Texas A&M University, the Gordon Research Conferences, BASF Corporation, and the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE).