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Khalid Karim Profile Page
Khalid Karim

Contact Info

GSAS Fellow
2013 Catalysis, Qatar
SABIC Research and Technology
United Kingdom


Over the years he has been playing several roles including project management, technology leadership and technology strategy and technical liaison with business units. Dr. Karim was involved in different areas of catalyst designing and catalytic process and technology development for petrochemicals. His expertise area are scale-up development and commercialization of novel technologies, evaluation of petrochemical technologies, catalyst manufacturing technology, catalyst management, alternate feedstock and expert in Zeolites, oxidation, dehydrogenation aromatization catalysis. Over the years, he has proved his capabilities in generating ideas and commercializing them in several technology areas.

Publications & Honors

Major achievements include the development of eight novel catalysts for diverse applications across various SABIC business and ownership of 60 patents. He has published 30 research papers and received a number of SABIC awards during his stint with the company.


Khalid Karim holds a Ph.D in the field of Catalysis and Petrochemical Processes from University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, England in 1989, presently working as Cooperative Research Fellow at SABIC.