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Mazen Al-Ghoul Profile Page
Mazen Al-Ghoul

Contact Info

GSAS Fellow
2013 Catalysis, Qatar
Department of Chemistry
American University of Beirut


The general theme of research is theoretical studies in nonequilibrium statistical mechanics, extended irreversible thermodynamics for systems far removed from equilibrium, generalized hydrodynamics, and stochastic systems. In these investigations, formal theories are first developed and then they are studied by means of suitable numerical methods for computation of various thermodynamic, conformational, and transport properties of fluids.

Publications & Honors

  • Dynamics and dissipation of externally forced system, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (PCCP) 2, 3773 (2000).
  • Front Propagation in Patterned Precipitation 1. Simulation of a Migrating Co(OH)2 Liesegang Pattern, Journal of Physical Chemistry 105(34), 8053-8058 (2001) (With R. Sultan).
  • Generalized hydrodynamic theory of shock waves: Mach number dependence of Inverse Shock Width for Nitrogen Gas, Physical Review Letters 2001, 86, 4294 (With B.C. Eu).
  • Generalized Hydrodynamic Theory of Shock Waves in Rigid Diatomic Gases, Physical Review E 2001, 64, 046303 (With B.C. Eu).