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Ahmed E. Abasaeed Profile Page
Ahmed E. Abasaeed

Contact Info

GSAS Fellow
2013 Catalysis, Qatar
Chemical Engineering
King Saud University
Saudi Arabia


Production of fructose and ethanol from dates’ syrups. Dates are abundantly available in this region of the world. Low grade dates are usually wasted. Dates syrups in general contain over 70% sugars (mostly glucose and fructose in equal proportions). We are working on selective fermentation of the glucose component into ethanol and its separation from the remaining solution that contains mostly fructose.

Dry reforming of methane. Methane and carbon dioxide, greenhouse gases, can be converted to synthesis gas (hydrogen and carbon monoxide; a suitable feedstock for many petrochemical industries, e.g., methanol). Nickel-based catalysts have successfully used in this reaction; however, these catalysts are prone to carbon deactivation due to side reactions. By manipulating the various factors that affect this reaction, e.g., promoters, supports, reaction conditions, calcination conditions … etc we hope to improve the activity, selectivity and stability of the catalyst.

Oxidative dehydrogenation of lower alkanes. Purely dehydrogenation process, being endothermic, requires higher reaction temperatures and external heating; a condition that promotes carbon formation and thus causes catalyst deactivation. Presence of oxygen in the feed reduces these problem but could result in over-oxidation and formation of oxygenates. Our goal is optimize the oxidehydrogenation reaction by manipulating the factors that affect it.

Publications & Honors

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A. S. Al-Fatesh, A. A. Ibrahim, A. H. Fakeeha, A. E. Abasaeed, and M. R. Siddiqui "Oxidative CO2 Reforming of CH4 over Ni/ a-Al2O3 Catalyst”, J. Ind. Eng. Chem.17(3), 479-483  (2011).


M. H. Gaily, B. M. Elhassan, A. E. Abasaeed and S. M. Al-Zahrani, "A Direct Process for the Production of Fructose from Dates Extract", Inter. J. Food Engng. 6(3), Article 3 (2010).


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