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Luke Achenie Profile Page
Luke Achenie

Contact Info

GSAS Fellow
2013 Catalysis, Qatar
Department of Chemical Engineering
Virginia Tech


Theory / Modeling
  • Computer Aided Molecular Design:

    Development of optimization models to systematically identify chemical products in the presence of the chemical process system.

  • Process Design:

    Analysis of chemical processing systems in which there are uncertainties in process and model parameters. This is referred to as Flexibility Analysis.

  • Systems Engineering Approaches to Computational Biology:

    Development of algorithms for multifunction gene annotation, genetic pathway analysis and clustering. This work is in collaboration with researchers from the University of Connecticut Health Center.

Publications & Honors


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    Edited Journal Issue

  3. Special Issue of AER, Editor: Luke E. K. Achenie, Elsevier Publishers, Advances in Environmental Research, 8(2), 2004.


    Book Chapters

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